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Hi ,I am Hau ,marketer for web design service

Hello, My name is Hau.

My main job is consulting about: building website, design landing page, content marketing and consultant run Google Ads for small business in furniture, handmade

This is my blog.
Places to share about the following 3 areas:
1. website design, landing page
2. Content marketing (articles, photos, and videos)
3. Advertise Google and Youtube
Especially for furniture companies
Why; I share these three areas, but not others in Digital marketing or internet marketing.
Because: These are the areas that I have been doing for furniture companies.
So I have full experience, knowledge, and skills to share with you. These are the things I’ve done for 3 years.
Other areas, though very much like personal branding and leadership. Customer experience, optimizing facebook ads, I am learning. Though I want to share. But I will not share it for you.
I want to help you with my power.
Thus, the articles on this page will only focus on those three areas. More than makes me confused, confused readers.

Why do I go to the web design industry and copywriting

Because of the following 3 reasons

But before going into three main reasons I want to tell a story.

At first, I didn’t like this web design profession.

The first time I had a brother who lived near my house, I asked if I knew how to make a website.

I didn’t want to do this job then. I thought that Minh was not capable of designing. Because I drew only the average grade. So I introduced you to a famous web-making service at that time, Harravan. in Vietnam. At that time there were tens of thousands of users ..

Behold a while later. I did not pay much attention when someone told them they wanted to make a website. Although I only work with my friends, I do web design. But I do not work at any company. They just asked me. Then everything happens according to different events. Many times I was hired as a web designer. Just because they know that I go to school a lot, read a lot and know how to install software and computers. Is that so .. I have customers

After 1 year, the contract expired and I asked him to make a web site for him. Because he’s not happy with the company’s web design service. Just like that, I thought I had quit this job for a long time. Because I believe in negative sentences, stickers. Like I don’t know anything about the web. I’m bad at design.

But I want to restrain money, I have to study. both working and studying. I went to google to type in how to make a website. Then, I joined a course on making money online on Clickbank in 1 day.

At that time I didn’t have enough money to make the web so I had to study it myself. . I followed that friend, my first teacher on facebook and email. And he shot a video teaching basic web with WordPress. I will follow it. Just like that, I completed a website thanks to lectures on youtube without going to school at any center.

After every time I have a person who wants to make a website, I do it myself and learn it. And every time I work for a client, I will learn very quickly how to do it. In the process of making me also from website design with blogger, opencart. However, after that, I left all to return to WordPress. Because it’s so easy to use, it’s easy to teach new people.

I also gave up many times with the web design profession. Then there was a silent year of doing nothing. To find the way in my life. Now I have also found a way to do it for my customers. I was scared a lot because I couldn’t get customers.


Now gradually I also like to sell. When doing this web design. Fear of sales will gradually disappear if you find a new way for yourself.

The ocean as a career to choose for a while.

So I feel the need to write down the reason why I came to this profession.

– Firstly, I found myself skilled in this area. Although I was self-taught, I was able to design the first websites. Although it was not beautiful, it was still the result that I had mumbled. It is the skill from which I can give the market and get money.

– Secondly, I like to design the store, In the online environment, I want to bring customer experience to other people who step into the shop in your center. It’s like when you walk into a store or center in real life, how satisfied it feels

– Then online when you go to an online store is a website that helps customers to be satisfied. When they get the information they need to make a decision. All things are desirable. But not to the best person in the web design profession yet has done so. Not to mention that the interface and design of some of the largest websites like Amazon are still very bad. So that company keeps growing loudly., L

– I am not a good person to design or write content. But I will be the one who always learns to release quality products for you.

– From there, the conversion from potential customers to paid customers. And help you reach your revenue goals.

– However, before I had two bad crosses. It is when I meet a website or see a product I often see

One is a good wolf because the heart stains another person’s fault. I judge them with others to make their relationship worse.

Causing me to become more and more alienated. Since I knew this bad habit, I was also afraid of criticism, afraid of paying my karma, so I had to keep quiet. However, it leads to a result. It is the next bad habit

2nd: Indifferent to other people’s mistakes. When I found out they had that error, I kept on blaming it for as long as it didn’t affect me. And so I became disinterested in them. Dop that I offer fewer customers. I don’t know why I’m like that. Consequently, I was sad, suffering from depression, weak as a slug for many years. I still FA tonight but don’t understand why I was alone.

Until one day I got to know arithmetic from a friend of mine.

I have studied, I  Search come back to me all the time. and find out. That is I have some karmic debt in my name. That number is 16 // 7. It means having a career related to relationships and communication.

That’s right, I often criticize and scrutinize them like I don’t care about others.

Therefore, I often encounter difficulties in consulting and marketing, selling products to customers.

And then I was also told by a friend of my friend how to get rid of that karmic debt.

Like the philosophy of sowing Buddha. The thing that I need to do the most is to plant the opposite seeds.

Helping others is also helping yourself.

I will find the wrong website, lack of features that lead to loss of revenue, make you not reach the goal. After working with you, I will give you some solutions. To improve the situation by adding good features. Redesign the website. I will also advise on how to make content happy. Old as writing appropriate ads for your customer audience.

Why did I choose to be a web designer or a web consultant? Because the web is home, it’s your online store. That is the most obvious thing in your business. Through the web, can I know if you did well at the welcome stage?

After  :

Instead of criticizing and criticizing. Then argued that: It is not related to me. Doing the crime of karma, and knowing the core of the person who did not show and help them modify, I was a liar. I absolutely do not want to become such a person

I want to help you identify the causes and do the right things to achieve your goals.

Note: This does not mean that I will prove you wrong when hiring someone to do wrong. Or because you don’t know anything about it. It’s just that I want to help you find the right way I’ve ever done.

Of course, this is very difficult. Because facing reality is not pleasant when you have to point out the points you have not done right. There are also points that I have done wrong before. So I will turn to the right actions. Laying to help you are not pointing out mistakes to prove you are smart, better than others.

Because I believe that we will grow up from painful experiences. So :

However, I believe that disassembling this is what helps me and you grow your business

Of course, this is very difficult. Because facing my reality is not pleasant.

However, I believe that changing this bad habit is what helps you succeed. At the same time help me to transform my debt. At the same time helping more people.

That led to the third reason being; I love working with others. I answered the question in the 12th grade. I said that I wanted to become a consultant and leader. in any career.

So I like the role of a WordPress consultant.

This will save you a lot of money. and time to make a website work.

Of course to face the fear, and fix and overcome the consequences. mine. In other words, giving up bad habits is extremely difficult. Because it has been hidden in my blood for a long time. It gives me a safe area. Shield for me to think. Without changing my habits, I can still live.

However, over the years reading books about self-development as well as learning many lessons from different speakers, I realized that. : If I stay in the safe zone, I will be like an elephant in a circus. Because I thought that the rope was tight, so it didn’t leave, it didn’t break. Although it now has the power to be able to uproot a large tree, not just a small stake.

So there is the only way to expand the safe area. Do things that banner doesn’t like, go. and find joy in every job,

If you go alone, it is highly disciplined. Going with the team will go further. But need efficiency. Be united. Because of common goals.

On the other hand, our psychology is often afraid of wrong. When you read these lines, there are times when you feel like you are afraid to hand over the project to a critic. Or a person points out his core. Even if you can fix it, your business will progress better.

Knowing it is so difficult, Song is still determined to do it … Because I have caused myself and others. It is I who solves my own problem. Not everyone else. I believe that the problem is also the solution for you.

I will definitely do it.

Thank you for reading this story. Hopefully one day we will work together. Whether you are a partner or a customer, we will all go together but the land of freedom, happiness in the soul and wealth outside. than. Nothing is impossible.

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