How to marketing and sale furniture via social networks.

1. Introduction
2. Is SEO the best way to sell your furniture on social networks?
3. Sell via Facebook
4. Sell via Youtube
5. Sell via Instagram
6. Sell via Pinterest
7. Sell on Twitter
8. Sell on Linkedin
9. Conclusion
When I started working as an online marketing service for furniture companies. I have searched for many different ways to help them reach more customers.
This is difficult,
because the articles on the websites of agencies fragmented, generic and confusing. But especially when they promote their marketing strategy is the best.
Including a website saying:
SEO is the best marketing plan for businesses selling furniture.
When I read those lines, I half agreed. Partly because I have also done SEO, know a little about SEO and find it effective. Yet, I do not agree completely.
Because there is no best marketing plan.
Whether it is free or paid,
it needs to provide value to customers that exceed the amount they spend. So you can convert visitors into paying customers.
Not only is there a page, but many websites also say so.
That’s why today I am writing this article to let you know. There is also an equally effective plan that is social marketing.
I myself know a little bit and have worked with a platform to increase sales for customers.
So I will share with you with all the experience. The thing that I learned from marketing on social media.

1. Is SEO the most effective marketing plan for furniture businesses?

I agree in part because:
– The number of users searching for keywords for furniture, such as beds, furniture, sofas. Is great.
In the United States alone,
the search for furniture keywords amounted to hundreds of thousands/month.
– In Vietnam,
the search also reached tens of thousands of times/month.
For the keyword “tables and chairs for living room”.
According to Google’s statistics,
in 100 searches on Google, there are 65 clicks on natural results. Only 35 clicks on the ad.
So the opportunity for sales businesses is huge.
Users who search on google are the ones who can afford to buy high. Because they already have needs. You just need to take good care of having customers buy.
But, at the present time: SEO is hard more than before
SEO copywriting can only go towards focusing on local keywords. For example, you have a store in Virginia. And a store in North Carolina.
The place of manufacturing famous wooden furniture.
Then you should focus on keywords like:
Furniture store in North Carolina, Dining room set in North Caroline.
Because SEO is so competitive today, the keywords are 4 or more long and have a competitive edge> 30. Increasing difficulty for new people. Thus, you need to study carefully. To find out special keywords.
Avoid having to compete with big guys in the industry like :
Pottery Pan, Wayfair, Walmart, Ashley and especially Amazon. Today SEO has crept into selling on Amazon. So your article must be optimal to be able to surpass this giant.
– Besides, the time that customers search only accounts for 5% of their internet activity time.
95% of the time they spend on social networking,
reading newspapers, playing games, watching movies.
Although SEO never dies, it no longer focuses on top google. You also need to do SEO on social networks.
As users increasing spend more time using social networks and reading newspapers.
The promotion of your store and furniture is a must.
According to statistics,
more than half of Americans said:
“Social networks have a big impact on their decision-making process when shopping”
In the next sections, I will show you how that social network carries goods as well as a summary of how to market it. How about making more details. I will present in another article.

2. Marketing and selling furniture on Facebook

– With a high user base close to the population of India and China combined. Facebook has been and will still be an effective marketing and sales platform in the future.
Although the number of users has decreased more or less. After data leakage scandals and young users in developed countries tended to decrease. But despite the above factors, the number of Facebook users still grows strongly. Especially the number of middle-aged and elderly people is increasing.
– And the important thing according :
“CTR on facebook still stands at the highest position to 38% of people saying they clicked on ads on facebook.”
With that operating principle is connecting people.
Facebook positioned company:
as a market, a trade center, a conference where information spread by word of mouth in real life. The most effective marketing is still word of mouth.
. Because believers are the main. Not the above figures.
So, the main principles for success when promoting on facebook are:
Aim for the right people, make the best use of social evidence. (especially for the service industry). Accordingly, you take care of many close customers that they become raving fans. That is, some people regularly promote you with a passion and free.
This has proven to be very effective.
Because of the connection, comment, and sharing,
spreading on facebook, it always increases rapidly.
For successful furniture manufacturers, they often take care of old customers. Take advantage of advertising with similar objects and email lists.
At the same time, aim at important moments like:
National Day, Back to school, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. To evoke a warm, reunion atmosphere. Get back to a group, a small community like family. To a country. When people immersed in that emotion. They will tend to consider future shopping plans. And the intention to buy in mind. To make a decision to buy. For their families.
The reason is that on facebook children it is easy to express their personal feelings most. With 6 emoticons, other emoji help people express themselves. Also, advertisers get data to make content and target more effectively.

3. Marketing and sales on Instagram

Belonging to a home with Facebook,
promoting on Instagram is equally as effective as its father. With the percentage of users entering ads up to 36%.
The original starting point of this app is a photo editing application. And share with followers.
Follow the principle. A photo is worth a thousand words. So is our brain. Instagram has grown into a social network of up to 1 billion monthly users.
Thus, marketing through photos and short videos is the way that marketers do here. But, there is one difference that you need to keep in mind.
Instagram is a social network who everyone uses to
virtual living photos and women participating in this social network outnumber men.
How is this different?
With the first condition:
The images are pictures depicting the dream life that followers want. In other words
“It describes the satisfaction of using products and services that followers want. When someone meets the expectations even the most illusory. Then the crowd will follow these people. Those who oppose these illusions are against the crowd” (Gustave Lebon).
Which marketers can offer content to make customers happy. Then you will be the one to convince them to spend money. Not only on Instagram but also on other social networks.
In the second element is women. Among the crowds, women are the most crowded. There is a blogger who said: Women and social networks are born for each other. This is not wrong. They often go online to entertain, confide their feelings. The amount of time on it is also higher than that of men.
Women also think with emotion using the right brain. And images are content that can affect their mood the most.
The marketing tips for women of Jewish traders,
deserve to be the most effective source of references for this reason.
Thus, advertisers of wooden furniture. Need to take care of your image and video posts. Videos on Instagram becoming a trend of the user through stories of this social network.
Having a viral video will help you get follow-up as well as increase sales quickly. If videos are suitable for your niche.
So an arrow can hit 2 birds. The images show the full angle of the product.
It is in a house outside of reality,
that will help customers more accurately assess the product they want to buy. Is it suitable for what you are selling or not?
If you match, you’ve succeeded.
In short when marketing and selling on Instagram, you need to remember 3 things:
1. Focus on high-quality photos and videos
2. Towards marketing for women
3. Create viral content to reach customers for free.

4. Marketing and sales on Youtube

If including the number of users not logged into the browser, the number of people on Youtube TV is 2 billion. No less than Facebook.
To be a video social network for everyone where people can search for information by watching videos. Youtube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Only after Google.
What about the purpose of users when uploading to YouTube? YouTube’s data word shows that the most viewed videos on youtube are in the following 3 forms:
– Entertainment
– Education
– Inspire
Did you realize that this was also what users had received from TV and radio in the last century? Today we convert from television screens and radio speakers to the internet everywhere.
That’s right. Youtube tends to become a global television station. With TV channels of demi-humans and organizations.
Through advertising work on Youtube in Vietnam for a local business. I realize that the highest conversion rate of ads usually belongs to music, audio, movies, TV shows. The audience is middle-aged people (aged 35 and over).
That’s when I advertise with a broad topic group. Especially the theme of home and gardening, the rate of watching and caring is not high. I think that is also partly because they are expert customers. They watched a lot of furniture videos. So they want to compare and keep comparing, not buying.
But when we only targeted owners on music, entertainment was a strange occurrence. Ads are not running.
That’s why I have to start from scratch with a broader topic group.
One disadvantage when you compare with other social networks is:
That advertising on YouTube is an advertisement that can be ignored after 5 seconds. This is what marketers don’t like the most. They think it’s not equal to video ads on Facebook at this point. Users can ignore that, so we lose the publicity for it without benefit,
He himself said: “This is completely consistent with this popular video social network. Because users hate advertising.
They have no intention of watching ads.
Put yourself in the position of a viewer,
you will find yourself inhabiting while enjoying a piece of music or
a movie with a thrilling situation. But there are ads appearing. Annoyed, isn’t it? 
But you do not have the right to turn off the ads unless you see it on an ad-blocking computer. Most views on youtube come from phones, tablets, and Smart TV.
It has to wait for 5 seconds (It also passes quickly).
the psychology of waiting to ignore the advertisement. Hence your video content in your first 5 seconds must be psychologically lost. That is to convince users that this is the video they need to watch. Instead of watching the current music video.
Google studied user behavior and found that: They will decide to skip the ad or watch the ad in the first 5s of the video. Moreover, 5 s passed by so fast they didn’t get upset.
That’s why few businesses can do it.
But video is a way to tell the brand story in the most effective way. Increase your brand awareness to the highest level.
So if you want to grow your brand identity,
Let’s create an ads impression to reminds customers about your brand. This is the foundation that you should take advantage of.
Currently, I am also doing the job which is Youtube marketing for businesses. Thus, I also learned a lot and gained a lot of experience in advertising on youtube. On this blog, I will share a lot about Youtube marketing. Please remember to read it.
5. Marketing and selling on Pinterest
The game about traffic has changed. When smaller social networking platforms are also developing rapidly.
Pinterest is one of them. The company reports 261 million active users every month.
The information about users on this social network will surprise you.
Once again women still use this social network more than men. Why?
Because Pinterest used as a tool to plan their daily activities from small to large. From what to eat every morning to clothes to go to work, go out (A lifelong problem for women). Or, arrange and buy furniture for your new apartment.
So, it is not difficult to understand that with the cooking,
fashion, crafts, and jewelry, the interior is one of the most pinned themes on Pinterest.
Most big furniture sites like:
IKEA, Ashley also has an account on this social network with millions of views per month,
hundreds of thousands of followers.
With each pin, you can attach to the link to your web. So turn the traffic of the website selling furniture also many hits from Instagram or youtube.
Omit, the conversion rate from 100 followers to email subscribers is 5%. Just behind Linkedin Higher than youtube, Instagram and Facebook.
So this is a suitable social network for furniture businesses.
Although the number of users may not be as high as facebook, Instagram or youtube. But remember, they have 40% of users with a household income of 100,000 USD or more per year. And the rate of conversion into customers is very high.
But, visitors from Pinterest are very high. Whether organic or paid content aimed at accessing your website. Rather than acting on that page.
Advertisers for furniture businesses can do by.
– Invest in content with beautiful images,
SEO standard keywords that users often search.
– Join the big boards (like groups on facebook)
– Beautiful infographic design
(Hit people seeing infographic many times higher than viewing photos)
– The set of Pinterest sharing buttons for customers
– Take advantage of Pinterest ads, they say that starting from $ 1 advertising on Pinterest will earn $ 2 for you.
the platform still does not have many advertisers so the level of competition is very low.
6. Sales and marketing on Twitter
This social network has been a craze for users,
investors and business and marketing circles. But now it can only grow flat with 443 million users. Mainly in developing countries in Europe and the United States. It’s home.
But don’t grow into a unicorn startup. Or the social networking company has 1 billion users.
The main reason lies in its communication principle. The status is only 140 characters more.
It fits very well with Culture the time-saving nature of Americans and Europeans,
in today’s fast-paced era.
More importantly, it is a form of news on social networks. Just a sentence or a retweet is news spread quickly on this social network.
That’s why users participating in these social networks only purpose is:
Receive news about social and influencer they follow
, They don’t have much time to update the status on other social networks.
Typical President Trump updated, or in other words. Operating the billion-dollar stock market through a tweet.
So there is a claim that up to 25% of Twitter users are journalists.
The nature of the news is that it needs to update every hour. And users who join it only comment.
I don’t intend to click on ads on twitter. Or if you clicked on it, there was only a short text that didn’t convince users to click on it. Unless advertising through Influencers.
I think: Only have some industries,
can advertise on Twitter. This is an industry always fresh and hot like newspapers, media, sports, events, and travel, as well as other service industries.
Because people like events and love to gather in that crowd.
So some ads effective are event tickets, tours or local news for followers.
So,  what should business owners do to marketing and sell on Twitter?
Or do you have to use Influencers to sell, while this option is not always possible?
So, the plan is not suitable for small businesses.
I didn’t say it didn’t work.
There are still two ways for you to use twitter to help your business grow as follows:
         1. Twitter positioning is a social listening channel. Receiving customer feedback quickly.
To give a suitable solution. Since then, the media crisis has prevented since it was still in its infancy. This will help customers get more dedicated care from you.
Marketing for new customers now will you costly
10-50 times more expensive than taking care of old customers.
Did you know? According to statistical :
have 68% of customers left your business
. Because they don’t care from business or salesman
That twitter is a platform that matches the modern lifestyle of customers. Let the business perform the task of listening to customers.
        2. Make your Twitter ads like hot news that users need to see.
This has advertised by Sir David Ovigly said :
In the principles to install a successful advertising campaign. By being responsible and advertising for public companies.
Companies write the most successful ad titles on the radio.
When they turn their titles into a news form
. Make users see or hear that they pay attention immediately.
For example, you can use ads Twitter to Notify users you are about to open a new store in this locality.
Launching new products in one specific event.
As mentioned above we would love to gather at events. And affected by crowds, bargain prices as well as the scarcity of the number of products and the end of the event.
So at that time, people were still hesitating. Will decide to buy your product very quickly at the store.
This form is suitable for advertising to attract local customers to come to your store.
It is very suitable for marketing for people in developed countries like in the West and the US.
7. Sales and marketing of furniture on Linkedin
This is the social network for work. That’s why this is the place for B2B companies.
I have never done marketing for B2B businesses ever.
So my share is also short.
Mainly there are a few simple strategies for your reference.
I know that selling to businesses is very difficult. Because this is a fixed cost for the business. An investment that is hard to identify clearly. Especially the situation of enterprises operating for 3-5 years often limits this.
They know that deadly traps make a company collapse.
When founders spend too much money on furniture offices. This is not necessary.
That when you want to sell, you need to pay attention to the needs of your customers first.
Now is Linkedin. This is a career social network. Where employees look for new job opportunities. And as employers recruit potential candidates for their company. ‘
They don’t buy anything here.
. And business managers look for partners, customers, and suppliers for their businesses.
But, did you know that up to 93% of B2B transactions are successfully connected via Linkedin?
In this B2B array, your connection with others is the most important thing. The wider your network, the more effective your persuasion is.
Besides, the ability to do content and activities in groups.
using the knowledge and experience you have in the furniture industry, decorating homes. For advice and help for businesses that need to be on Linkedin.
. In charge of the purchasing and executive department of the enterprise.
About ads on Linkedin most effectively is recruitment advertising.
Other types of advertising, often not very effective.
In this article, I shared with you about Marketing and sales furniture on Social media.
Corresponding to that is the way you need to do. For Facebook, Instagram is the connection, sharing, reunion, and reunion. Useful .. Influence of social evidence. For youtube, it is educational, inspirational and entertaining. Pinterest is the idea, planning their customers’ events.
With Twitter transmitted through events and customer care, also known as Social Listening. And hold the event for local clients.
Linkedin is mainly to increase the connection with business owners.
Each platform has different advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the purpose and capabilities of the company, you can apply it. With a start-up business, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are a reasonable choice. If your business has been in business for 3-5 years, you should promote advertising on youtube. Will convince customers to spend money more efficiently.
Finally what you want is. Determine what you want, products and competitors in the market.
It is still just a tool.
Thank you for reading the article
This is mine. If you have questions about social marketing, ask me a question.
I will reply as soon as possible for you.

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