Make a website for for Hai Nam furniture manufacturing factory

Below is a detailed presentation of the website that I have made for Hai Nam furniture factory.


The project I did.


The first project I did as a web designer.

First of all, he came and asked me for the service of making a website for his showroom,

At that time I did not intend to do this job. Because I am still studying the fourth year of social work. University of Social Sciences and Humanities (Hanoi National University)

I just learned and helped others for fun.

So I introduced him. Go to a DIY DIY web design service called Haravan. At that time there were tens of thousands of users in Vietnam. After I finished helping, I didn’t take any money.

A year later. By the time of website renewal, the company suddenly raised prices without any notice. As well as having any new features, so you contacted me to make this website.

At that time, I went to work and learned a little by myself.

So I accepted the invitation. Make this website.

It is designed for the sales website. Use a custom WordPress theme.

That process helped me to learn many things in website design

The purpose of customers is to have a place to show products. That is to show them the product. above it before making a purchase decision. That is to help increase customer confidence in companies, factories.

There are no sales on it. Most are in Vietnam. People can only buy products online with orders not exceeding 3 million. Sometimes 5 million. Meanwhile, furniture has the lowest price of 10 million or more. So I didn’t design the order function either.

About website design using flat design is very popular in recent years.

The website is well navigated.

The banner is broadly designed to introduce products that the company is trading.

The menu is the same. Designed for each individual item. Let the customer know what product the store is selling.

Below the banner is an animation video, Whiteboard. This video is made by a friend of mine who makes video marketing services. This video impresses customers in terms of images.

Then the products sold by the store.

Best – selling the product.

Product portfolio

The customer of reviews.

News, blogs about furniture, furniture

Introduction at the bottom.

There is a display section: Facebook fan page

Tag section,

Map related to the company.

Because it is my first website to do. So it has many disadvantages to amateurs.

For example, there is no product catalog that is always on the body page.

Customer reviews are too general. No photos of customers yet. The background is also unavailable.

Video lost audio. I have not commented on the video maker.

In short,

The advantage is

: -Show open, compact

– There are very specific and diverse products

– There is an introduction video

– Full introduction

– Have contact information via network and phone

– Have customer reviews

– Have news, blogs,

– Add social media

– Responsive design for mobile

– Map to the company

– Has commitment of the company

Defect :

– Menu not yet optimized

– The video has an annoying sound to the listener

– There is no catalog for each product at the website

– The proposal, the commitment to put on the head is better.

– Missing sitemap in the footer

The above is my description of the project that I did. Thank you for reading here

this is a picture on mobile

This is some picture of website

Recent website have some keyword on top google

Interfaceb on mobile