Project make website sell funiture to wooden funiture manufacturer Gia Bao

Below is a share of the website:
Website name :
Owner: Gia Bao original furniture manufacturer
Name of owner: Pham Van Manh
Mr. Pham Van Manh is the owner of Gia Bao original furniture factory. Who hired me to make this website. Previously, he mainly did business on Facebook. He also created a website with a subdomain. On website selling website services in Vietnam like,
However, that approach is not effective. It is limited in many ways. That website is essentially a store with limited features and difficult to expand.
On the other hand, it is not owned by me, so it depends on the service provider. So the only posts with the purpose of selling, not intending to develop it.
After meeting me. And is known for many benefits when having a website owned by me.
Especially support, help him keep customers longer.
Collect pixels to make remarketing ads for customers who have visited the website.
Contribute to increasing the reputation of potential customers.
He decided to make a website: as you can see here.
Website is a sales website:
Nice design purpose, make a good impression with potential customers
With advantages
– Open design
-Full list of products right on the first page
– The customer can surf down to know what products they sell
-Products are presented in very clear and specific categories
-Video of each product is put on top to catch up with the video marketing trend
-Have an evaluation of customers who have purchased goods
– Display contact information on the first page
– Commitment to customers clearly
– Have a form to collect customer information
– Website loading quickly
– The footer section has a full introduction
-Have information collection form
– Easy to use
– Customers can press the following contact number
– There is no specific price for each product (this may be because the owner wants it to, to attract customers to leave the phone number)
– No part of Facebook Fanpage nor social sharing button
– Introduction if there is an image of the owner, it is better. (From my personal point of view)
– There is no map displayed on the homepage (I think this is not necessary. Because customers care about them clicking on the map. At the same time the homepage can reduce the page loading speed)

Interface on mobile

The interface on mobile is designed with only two products displayed. In order to be suitable for all mobile devices

Review of Customer

Statistics on website visits