Project to make website for An Phat Furniture Co., Ltd

Project to make website for An Phat Furniture Co., Ltd

– This site I did
– Unit: An Phat Furniture Company Limited
– An Phat Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in Chau Phong village, Lien Ha commune, Dong Anh-TP Hanoi. Vietnam
– An Phat Furniture specializes in manufacturing wooden furniture, especially products for shops, spa centers, manicures, and nail.
– The company has been producing this product for 5 years. And now they want to put the company online.
– To increase credibility with potential customers. Time is the place to attract potential customers. In other words.
– Website in Vietnam is still considered a tool to create the trust for customers. But not yet fully utilize its potential.
– So the web form you see may look like some patterns. That’s because he asked me to be like the company.
– As long as it doesn’t look too good.
– However, I did not receive this contract at the time. Because he sees me as a freelancer.
– Not enough to believe. Although we are classmates, the same age.
– Then he hired a company to make his website. Even content marketing services.
– With the price in Vietnam is very expensive. It was March 2017.
– However after a few months. Then I received a call from the company director Duong Van Cu.
– He said his website has some bugs to fix. And ask if I’m available to help him fix the error
– . I replied: I am very willing to work. Because I am now more confident about my design ability.
– I’m new to checking.
– At this time his website has the old domain name:
– Do not understand what the web management team of the web design company,
– has done that the website is infected with viruses.
– There is also a facebook prohibition to block access from Facebook to the company’s website.
– I checked that the web was faulty. Although I also made the web with open source like me,
– But then the company told me that I did something so the web got infected.
– Causing them to reinstall and backup the entire website.
– It was weird in that: I had only once entered. Never touched any function.
– I don’t have to be amateurish or genuine. Meanwhile, the website running on VPS is more stable on hosting shared
– Not to mention: interface design website like introducing showroom, introducing the company. The product has nothing.
– The introduction is a few lines.
– The blog also has no information. Yet every month they have to pay 75 USD to hire a student at some university.
– I asked but they did not answer.
– The web also has no map. Meanwhile in this industry. Customers mainly go to the shop to view goods.
– I have to be here to tell the bad guys.
– I just want to talk about the consequences of hiring a company that is good at speaking, good at presentation but not really capable.
– Now that website is also lost due to the expiration of hosting lease term.
– Before that situation. I suggest to him.
– Make a website completely new According to the sample you see.
– This website is fully functional. Nice interface that attracts readers.
– When entering the web by mobile or by. computer.
– Everyone will be aware of this test.
– Specializing in construction, interior design for shops and businesses.
– Advantages
– -website fast download
– -Have a logo with the name of the owner is Cu.
– He has a personal branding card with this logo.
– – Have contact information right at the beginning.
– – Beautiful banner design
– – The homepage is full of products that have been constructed. Interior design projects for shops. Company
– – Left as you can see is information about the company.
– – Youtube channel
– – Map to the workshop
– – News, blogs
– – Part facebook comment
– – The footer is a specific introduction to the company
– – Have a consultation form
– – Having a call button for customers to call always for convenience. In Vietnam, people like to call or leave a phone number rather than filling out that form.
– Defect
– – There are no customer reviews yet (I have suggested that he should do it. Because he is the person who deals directly with the customer. It’s a small company. However, he is busy with work so he often forgets.
– – The banner is a photo taken online in foreign countries. It lacks reality so it can lose the natural appearance of design in Vietnam.
– – Not yet put the video on the top (in my opinion, the video to the top of the page will attract viewers who are interested in the page is great.
– – Lack of social sharing button
– – No part of sales, delivery, warranty policy. How to do things.
– Above is my detailed introduction about the website project for An Phat Furniture Limited Company.
– Look forward to your contributions. Thank you.

This is some picture website

Image on mobile

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