SEO video services to the top of YouTube for your local business

SEO video services to the top of YouTube and Google for your local business



  1. Why is SEO video
  2. SEO video on the top list for anyone
  3. How did I SEO 2 videos to the top of YouTube?
  4. What do you get from my service?
  5. How to increase sales for you from SEO YouTube videos
  6. Acknowledgments



  1. Why do you need SEO videos to top YouTube, Google?

Hello entrepreneurs. Owners of local businesses want to increase sales through video SEO.


I guess you read these lines because you want to know how to increase your sales through free traffic. Free traffic is what most online sellers want.


Especially for small local business owners with limited resources. SEO and video SEO are a viable option because of their effectiveness.

Whether your content is in the form of article, image or video. Only 9.12 content is the most viewed and generates sales.


Of these, a video has a clear advantage over articles and images.

It is taking up 80% of the internet bandwidth. Attract and retain customers longer.

Because the article often encounters a situation where people doubt its authenticity. Only 7% of the communication effect is generated by words. The remaining 93% is image and sound.

When users see the video, they are seeing the actual image. Motion in real life. They see your friend’s voice. Therefore, up to 72% of users do not skip videos when watching video ads on Youtube.


On the other hand, false rumors are produced by malicious people every day on facebook for their own benefit. Despite the damage of true businessmen.

This makes the video more used.

With Youtube SEO Video service for your local business. I will help you get increase sale and brand.



And one of the places that have a lot of videos with 1.8 billion monthly users is Youtube. It is also the second-largest search engine in the world. Customers of local businesses are also here more than you think.

Just a few videos to the top of search or suggestion you will have customers from month to month. The video will also get automated views from YouTube suggestions. As long as the user still likes the video. Contrary to your sales video facebook is seldom recommended automatically.

So this article will show you whether Video SEO is for you or not. And how SEO strategies will help you increase sales for your local products and services.


  1. What local businesses and businesses are suitable for video SEO.

Honestly, any industry can SEO video.

Including professions banned from advertising on Google such as computer repair and medical treatment. Or even some people can sell banned goods on Facebook and Youtube by SEO.

Setting this title seems to be too different, isn’t it?

However, in the course of your work, you will realize that there is an industry that should not start with rush advertising. In other words, advertising is less effective than in other industries.


From now on I would say that business needs video SEO.

with experience  SEO video services to the top of YouTube for your local business

In my opinion, there are several following situations


  1. Your business is small, year in low-profit margins such as hair salon, a small spa, pet, the shop also provide labor protection. Electrical repair You sell handicraft products made by your workshop. like purses, jewelry. Then advertising, marketing will only make you more money. It erodes your profits. Making you just enough to live doesn’t make you big. Then what you have to spend money to advertise. Focus on SEO and content marketing.
  2. You do not want to spend money on advertising but want to find a way to spend less and high efficiency.

In other words. This is more about your thinking than the cost of your profits.

If you start your business with a lot of difficulties, or if you just got out of debt shortly, you will be very wary of spending money.

Or your childhood friend was taught from his parents: “You have to work to get money. Money does not grow on trees. Money does not produce money. ”

The result is that you will want to spend the least amount. and control it.

That is, you want to make money from free traffic on the Internet.

Of course, after you have been quite successful in making money., And already have the resources and want to expand the scale, you will need to advertise to others more quickly.


On the contrary, there are people who come to college or life to earn money. Or taught by their parents and teachers, “Money will produce money if used correctly and in the right case.” “. The first is to make more money.

As a result, they will want to learn how to invest their own money or other people’s money effectively.

It is paid advertising options. Also known as paid traffic.


This is my own experience. After doing content to earn free traffic and doing paid advertising for businesses. As well as observing learning from my teachers and marketing peers.

Because I believe, “the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. “You use money in your life how you use it in your work.

Of course, in the long run, people who run ads will also have to do SEO to earn free traffic. To take advantage of organic traffic from people actively seeking them.


Then you will choose the option is up to your choice.


  1.   You have run ads on social networks.


Let me ask you a question: What happens when you advertise a lot on social networks. Still, have fewer orders.

You still cannot attract 20-40% of customers after viewing the ad. Visit the website to view products and services without making a purchase.


You know that, so you spend a lot of money on remarketing for customers on FB, IG so much so that they make a buying decision soon. Or go to your store to buy for those who sell furniture must understand this very well.


I have seen a lot of businesses spend a lot of money on advertising on social networks and still miss the number of visitors. Because they miss opportunities when customers search on google.


Especially in the furniture industry. For middle-aged and elderly customers. They tend to search for the company on the internet more than young people.

The two results they will click most often are the arrival maps of your store. And videos on Youtube.

If you don’t invest in SEO, you will lose these customers.


Let me talk in more detail for you.


As for the map of your store:

When customers search for a map, they have a high purchase potential. At the same time, you also know that upsell store is much easier than selling online. With a higher price.

If the sale goes well, the customer will return often. At the same time bring many people as their relatives, friends. The thing that you have to ask them to do in an online environment is still not satisfactory.


For example, in June 2019, I made a website and created a map, Google my business for a furniture store.

Before the website and the map, they only had ads on Facebook.

By July 2019, when the web and the map are done, it is not surprising. I check up to 450 people looking for their businesses. And 10% of those, 45 people asked for directions to their store to buy.

One of those customers has purchased $ 5000 worth of goods. Only thanks to good SEO Goole map.


Not to mention google map is now a preferred component in search. Catering to the habit of finding places where users live. Along with the habit of voice search too.



About your YouTube video.

Are you also expecting your video to appear on the front page of Google? But to do that is too difficult when you do not have any advantages.


However, in the process of learning and doing, I have learned that: If the keyword, including your brand keyword, there are searches from 500 searches/month pointing up.

Then the video containing that keyword will be promoted to the top of Google.

But when you do advertising on social networks. Referring to the store name many times, users will search more. And so your video will be on the top.

But you do not. and you lose customers you pay for advertising on social media.


        3. How can you benefit from SEO video services on Youtube, Google?


As mentioned in the previous section if you want to optimize the cost and still get the highest profit. It requires you to invest your time and effort to learn. And work to gain experience. Because business is a martial art that has thousands of techniques to apply. There is no one best, only technique to use. The whole world has been rich for a long time.

But most of your business comes from professionals like barbers, bakers, flower arrangers, and engineers. So you need to hire people to do school. You are not a marketing and sales expert.


But the paradox is that most businesses with 70% of local businesses do not have a marketing department.

That is why they will need to outsource.

Therefore choosing to units like us is a perfect fit because:


– I help sell video through SEO videos on YouTube. You may not know it, but up to 80% of users skip search ads to get to natural content. At the same time, the conversion rate into customer action is very high

-. When they are proactive in searching for products and services that are right for them.

– My opinion is to help you increase the effectiveness of advertising on social networks. In order not to miss 20-40% of customers. When they leave facebook to watch Youtube video. Or search on Google.

– You can be completely assured because I have SEO videos on the top Youtube, Google. At the same time, I have experience doing Youtube advertising. And know how to do remarketing with Google display network. What few businesses do.

– The cost you spend is lower. Especially with the Google My Business optimization service you only need to pay once. And still, customers come to your store. I will analyze more carefully into other articles.

– Especially suitable for business people who follow location-based businesses such as Furniture store, hair salon, pet, clothes shop. And home services like repair of utilities and painting.

– You have the right to use the collected data, I am the only person checking the list.

  4. How did I SEO 2 videos to the top of YouTube?

In the process of making Youtube make money, I had two top videos of SEO. One made in 2014. And one made in 2017.

So far both videos have gained nearly 400k views. My channel: Go to  Japan(chuyên đi Nhật)

has more than 1700 subscribers. Although it’s been a long time since I uploaded any videos to this channel.

To be honest, I’m not a disciplined or patient person. I just made a few videos in 2014 to make money on YouTube but it didn’t work and gave up.

Video has name: 10 sentences happy and meaningful birthday 

I used to think that I was not suited to Youtube. Actually, it is not like that. But starting with the purpose of making money, you will not be able to go far.

It must come from the purpose of helping people.

Until 2017. I posted another video to sell.

This time is the information about the free labor program in Japan to work abroad. Under the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam.

You Can See this Video

The story of Thuc Oanh’s free working trip to Japan


I have tried my best to do everything I can. Optimal title, description, keywords. Until the avatar. Share on other blogs and social networks. Reply to comments constantly.

And that video has reached the top of YouTube. Although I did not do anything, there are still people who want to go to Japan to contact me.

Of course, I still do it for them for free. Because everyone who is in difficult circumstances, they come to this program.

Therefore, I have removed the intention to introduce them to some private companies that also provide this service for a long time.

Because my original purpose was to help people. Not for money.

The thing that I get the most is more thanks via comments on Youtube and phone. That also warmed me.

This year I also do SEO videos for a furniture company.

And the strange thing happened again. When we stopped advertising for 2 days and the video still received 1k views/day from SEO and Youtube recommendations.

You can watch that channel here.


In general, video SEO is not that difficult. To me. The problem is that it’s really hard for you.

Especially when you are busy with other things. But still, have to make content according to the rules properly and equally to serve customers.

That is why you should find ways to outsource video SEO.




  1. How to work with me

To use Youtube SEO Video service for your local business

You can contact me on the following channels:




See more another article about marketing and sale on Youtube, Goole is here. 

Click the Work with the button on the web page.

Article information into it. I will contact you as soon as possible.

Hope we will be able to cooperate with each other long term. Based on the spirit of win, win-win.


           6. Conclusion

From a new marketer to a career.

I sincerely thank you for reading here. You’ve had such patience, I suppose. It is only a matter of time before we can work together to bring you success.


Dear friend. “The moment you make a decision is when your fate is formed.” That is the most memorable sentence of Tony Robin.

It is a saying of someone who has the ability and experience to the point of self-knowing.

Yes, in order to succeed in any field, you need two things:

  1. Your competence in that industry
  2. Is your experience deep enough?


If there is only 1 in 2 then you need to practice more. For those business owners who don’t want and can’t hire full-time employees. Then they need the skill of hiring the right people to achieve the results they expect. At the same time know a little about marketing from a thinking perspective.

I hope you find someone like that.

Good luck.

Pham Duc Hau from Hanoi, Vietnam.


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