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Dear Friends

If you are looking for a website designer for your furniture store, your company HANDMADE GRADE

You have found the right person.

Because I’m the interior web designer since I entered the industry when I started this career. Then I completely do that job is web design for shops, production workshops, the company sells furniture,

I know that you need to find a good designer to meet your requirements. A website is made with the functions of an e-commerce web but is just a web sales. There are more parts of the projects already done. To create trust for customers for your customers.

It will cost you less than just creating an online store at a low cost.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars designing an e-commerce website. If your product is in high demand, then you just need to set up a store on Amazon that sells well.

But with products that only have seasonal needs. at the end of the event and the life events of customers. Like buying a house, moving to a new place, or repairing a house. Not to mention that the price is not cheap

Then you will need a place to sell goods on the vast internet network. And this is wide.

According to the statistics showed, although customers still prefer to shop, furniture supermarket to buy goods. However, the number of buyers of internal products is also increasing with online retail sales reaching the US $ 19 billion in the US. in 2018

On the other hand, even if you don’t sell online via the website, having an address for customers to visit, Although it’s just a boat through a product introduction landing page.

The more information and choices you choose, the more effective your decision will be made.

The number of customers will also come to your store more.

In addition, you can also attract traffic to websites through social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Especially Youtube will be a new marketing trend in 2019. Because according to the observation and research of many experts. : then the number of people click on the link on the description and comment has pinned on each video on youtube. Much higher than on Facebook. It’s not affected by google or facebook ranking algorithms.


Children if you are a business owner, a marketer for furniture businesses. And want to design the website to fit the new strategy of the company, or want to be more known to customers. Or contact us.

I know that this product is highly personal. It brought the lake part of the person who made it. So I also want to help you bring the products attached to your personal brand on the internet

I myself, born into furniture making a family, in a famous furniture manufacturing village in Hanoi north of Vietnam.

So I also have a little knowledge of this industry.

I used to design interior web design for 6 stores. They all appreciate the products I make. You can view the reviews of websites I have done here.

I have good reading and writing skills. Speech communication through a speech at a basic level.

I specialize in furniture and residential real estate
Besides, I will also advise on making marketing videos that explain animation. Or Write an advertisement that introduces the company to the company’s culture or your personal brand After the web design has been completed.
Why did I choose both but not 1?
Because of the following 3 reasons
The first is: these two industries are related. There are additions, so I believe I can do it,
The second is childhood. I love watching beautiful houses. Especially setting up garden and house with green architecture. Just like in the furniture industry, I believe that every house has its own beauty and style … It has its soul.
This is like getting into your knowledge, into your brain. home. is the place you live to protect you from danger. The furniture is like your love for your family because you use them every day with family members from a chair to a bed. It is not good to choose only one of them. I also have knowledge of housing
On the other hand, if it is like human success, it is like two thinking: general and detailed. If you only think and act in type 1, then it cannot be successful. By thinking about it in general, it will be difficult, due to forgetting the small things in work and life, for example, forgetting the key and frantically searching for it.
Conversely, only interested in details, there will not be a great vision to go far.
– finally. I have read and listened to T. Harv Eker’s million-dollar audiobook secrets many times. and in having a mindset is thinking. Choose both of the rich. I find it very suitable. So I decided to choose both 2. Moreover, I did consulting work. so just do your job well to help customers. Don’t bother too much. Thinking more and wasting time is a headache

About my product price. Starting at 800-1600 USD.//a Website. I calculate the price for you based on what I can do for you at the present time. Also the features you require. On the other hand, if you join us, the price will become cheaper and cheaper. So you and I will save a lot of time to fix. Instead, we will discuss how to increase the website’s conversion rate. Through web + content design on it.


In short. I am a freelance website maker:

Specializing in web design for businesses in the field, furniture, handmade.

– My service offers high-capacity products, responsive design.

–           Enthusiastic support

Main features

  1. Design home page with customers. Where they can find exactly what they need.
  2. Store design presents basic features, integrates online payment via pay pal. or via the order form
  3. Install google analytics, SEO, speed up a website,
  4. Responsive design,
  5. Have a Mockup version made of photoshop,
  6. Security website is stable and stable.



Integrating social media, maps, email marketing system right on the website you can also do. Easy., Membership site, digital products. ,


Please contact me to find the store model you want to deploy on the internet. As well as turning your expectations into real results, and resolving your current problems


Thank you for reading this offer letter. Hopefully: “I’ll see you again soon.”


Best regards


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