Service Optimize Google My Business for  your local business (especially businesses that advertise on social media)

Service Optimize Google My Business for  business (especially businesses that advertise on social media)
Hello entrepreneurs, business owners in 
Do you find this title strange? For businesses that have run ads on Social media.
That’s because I want to help businesses advertising on social networks. Take advantage of all the money you have spent on other companies into money.
Specifically: When you run ads on Facebook, Instagram (hereinafter abbreviated to FB, IG). WILL have at least 20-40% of your customers not making a buy.
Because many factors such as No need, no money, are busy at the time of seeing your ad.
Of course, you know that, do you think running ads advertising is effective. But, remarketing is only available on the Facebook platform. Unless the customer exits the Facebook ecosystem, you don’t know what to do anymore.
Now you do SEO and set up Google Ads campaign to be effective. When customers start having demand.
They start searching the Google search network but can’t find you.
They want to find your location on Google map but can’t find you. or they see the empty map with no description, no image at all.
Specifically, there will be 4 cases where you need to do Google advertising. And 1 case you need SEO Google map. The main service I would recommend to you today.
Currently, advertising on social networks is still effective. You still see hundreds of success stories from selling social media sales ads. Mr. A earns 50k dollars on FB, Mrs. B earns 100,000 dollars on Instagram.
So you also spend money advertising but strange is that. You can only sell a few orders to customers.
So you lost money for Mark Zuckerberg without understanding why I lost money.
The more you expand, spend money to remarket on FB, the number of customers only increases a little.
Having a good Facebook ad will help bring in more customers.
But in fact, according to experience, if the only scale by FB. Have will 20-40% customer traffic will be lost when not running Google Ads. Specifically, according to the buying journey, search and buy back more products.
Here are specific examples of 4 cases where we miss customers when scaling only FB.
Looks like you are running fashion, so let’s take an example of fashion:
Fanpage name: “ABC – Office fashion”
Product running name FB: “XYZ office dress”
When scaling FB you reach a lot of people, and a large number of people don’t buy for a variety of reasons: Not needed, at that time busy, not having money, not interested…
But the brand name “ABC”, the keywords “Office fashion”, “Office dress XYZ” has known to customers.
So when they want,
they will look for the brand name “ABC” or the keyword
“Office fashion” or the product keyword “Office dresses”.
That is 20-40% of the customers you have reached to Facebook and when they want to find you on Google. They do not see you anywhere?
So there are 4 points we should set up Google Ads:
1. Customers remember fan page name, brand -> Google Search does not work for you.
2. Customers remember the name and type of product -> Google Search does not work for you.
3. Customers remember domain brand -> Google Search fails.
4. Customers read newspapers -> You don’t remarketing when they read newspapers, watch youtube, play games, use apps …
This is the actual number, you can run many Fanpage but note the brand “ABC” must be placed on all other pages. And there will be large numbers of Google typing “ABC”.
Oki, so everyone understands which one is effective. So we gathered our people to optimize and scale. But never give up Google Ads in the 4 points above.
With the need to protect 20-40% of the above. You only need to SETUP the search keywords as above and press marketing only 1 time. Later do not need to do anything.
. And one case you miss customers when they search for the location of the store on Google map but not you. They look for competitors’ stores next to you.
You may also know that visitors to a store or showroom are not alone. But also buy more items. Thus the opportunity to sell more and cross-sell them more than selling online. This is especially true for middle-aged and elderly customers. And with high-value products such as furniture, electronics.
They often prefer to go there to see it with their own hands, touch with their own eyes rather than buying online. The thirst is due to the high-value goods so you can only sell products from 600-1000 USD online. Mostly COD is the main consignee. I can’t sell it like online payment.
Moreover, they can invite more friends and relatives to go with them. These people do not intend to buy. But will also become potential customers soon. When they find the store.
Yet businesses as well as your competitors. Very few people pay attention to this method both in Vietnam as well as in the US and other countries.
. While the needs of users are increasing. With the development of voice search. The search for places is on the rise.
More and more users are searching for the location keyword + near me. So Google has launched Google My Business tool for businesses. The results on the map are always displayed on the first page. Can get 50% of traffic from users.
Let me tell you an example I did with my client.
This customer asked me to make a website for them. By the way, I have made a map of the store on Google Map for them. This is a gift from me.
You can see in Here Nhu Ngoc Furniture
. So they do not cost much but extremely high efficiency.
When there is no map. Their business based on facebook. There were very few people who went to the factory to see and buy goods. Even though the store located in the middle of the village.
But since the Map has been available. The number of visits in July 2019 has increased dramatically.
Up to 450 customers have viewed the map. Of which 10% means 45 people have asked for directions to the store and see the goods.
There was a guest who did not manage to buy a product combo worth 117 million VND or $ 5000.
That’s it.
The reason why so.
Because he ran FB ads and mentioned his store name a lot in the posts. and also on the website.
So someone searched the store name, fan page, product, domain brand name.
Of course, it was above the head. But the result with most people clicked was the Google map of the store.
Meanwhile other websites of neighboring stores. I did it but they didn’t ask for a map. Then the number of visitors is also crowded. Do a lot of FB advertising. But very few people ask for directions.
I surprised about this. So I went to find out the cause.
After a while analysis. Then I realized that. Google My Business account that I do is more optimized in the eyes of Google than other accounts.
Specifically. I have uploaded about 10 photos. Detailed and clear.
The other stores do not have or only have a single product photo.
Especially the first photo displayed in front of you is a photo of the store from the outside.
It covers the entire store. Or show what the store looks like outside. Where is the address? Pavement or brick road surface.
This is the most important thing for a person who needs directions.
Put yourself in the shoes of a beggar you’ll see. How necessary that. To reach the store you need to have a clear goal. A photo of the store clearly shows how clear its location is in the minds of the beggars.
When there is a clear goal, finding the location becomes easier. Customers do not confuse this store with another store.
They are afraid of the wrong street, the wrong store. Everyone felt ashamed at the time.
But, I realize that few business owners pay attention to this. They often put an interior image of their product. They want to sell goods anytime and anywhere.
Without paying attention to what customers are looking at at the moment.
What their real needs are?
If this positive story doesn’t interest you, I’ll tell you another story. What if there was no optimal store map then what would happen.
My village is a woodwork village. There are many shops in the village that produce and sell them. To go to the village, you have to go to other villages.
Customers who want to go to workshops, shops and see goods often go through a large road with a gas station on the left.
On the right are some furniture stores that also sell things like my village founded by people.
Some middle-aged guests who got there forgot the road. So they went to some furniture stores there to inquire. Because they don’t know the location of the store. So they see the same shops. So they came in and asked for sure.
Of course, the store owner who is advertising facebook also put that photo on facebook as the cover image. But you all know that. Most cover images do not appear on customers’ mobile Facebook applications. Not to mention, the photos on facebook are continuously floated. So customers also forget. Photos on Google map. Where photos pinned, they don’t.
See them confused. The owner of that furniture store asked them why they were looking for a business. He knows that the customers are already here. Why not sell them always. What to show the way.
Just got the exact same product they were looking for. Discounts again. (Just down)
So the order has completed. While the shop owner kept waiting all day for customers to come and go. Only in the evening can we receive a call to decline a customer’s sale. Now a customer from the other party.
After knowing this, the business owners in my village found a way to limit. So they took the time to go pick them up. Instruct other customers to avoid the stores along the way.
This situation is limited. But they brought extra work to people leading to two cases:
1. They just want to sell online. Do not want to sell offline due to frustrating. This is not appropriate in a country where e-commerce is still developing in Vietnam. The number of customers who want to showroom, car shop m is still very large.
2. They have to concurrently carry out the task of picking up guests from afar. It costs more to pay for the phone and petrol. The mind is not at peace. They have to recruit more guests to help them. Or recruiting more managers and producers. Business costs increased.
But, I do not think this is a bad idea. Because welcoming guests from afar also shows that you are a caring person to your customers. They will return to buy next time or recommend it to another customer. Just how long you can act like that. In other words, how long you can laugh happy.
Story. Of course, it is real. Because they talk about it all day in the pub. That’s why I don’t know about all this though.
Not to mention that you can top Google with other keywords. Not just brand keywords anymore.
In the report sent to the Google My Business account management address (GMB). There are also notices about the search keywords of users who find your store.
Which does not take too much of your time?
In the error of losing customers by only doing FB advertising. So this is how you sell to 20-40% of customers who have missed your sale on FB, IG and at your online shop. Simplest and most effective because it aimed at people who want to come to your store to buy. Low return rate. Of course, you already know this, right?
Then what are you hesitant about. Why not do this right away.
If you don’t want to do it, you can hire people like me to do it for you.
Please introduce me as Hau Duc Pham.
Specializing in making Google + Video marketing agency for small and medium businesses.
The businesses I serve to this day. Mainly working in the furniture industry. Because of that, I have experience serving businesses in home furnishings.
Currently, I offer an account optimization service. Google My Business.
And this account management service helps you:
– Make the most of the money spent on advertising FB, IG
– Get more leads for your business thanks to free visits from Google when your map ranked on the top of Google map.
– Guide customers to the store more effectively than traditional calling.
– Create credibility with customers, increase brand awareness for your company.
This is my article. Based on my experience with GMB and what I learned from top Google Map SEO experts.
Of course, I can help you with marketing and sales for the customers via YouTube videos.
I’m making and getting results for my client.
Do Google Search ads, Google GDN. Help you sell more effectively.
That is in the future. For now, I just want to provide the service that I can do for you here to optimize your Google My Business.
If you see what I write is right for you. You want to cooperate with me.
Please contact me at the following addresses
Thank you for reading Service Optimize Google My Business for  your local business 
 all through this very long ad copy.