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  1. My story about Youtube advertising

2. What did your business owner need?

3 What benefits I can bring you?

4 How to work together

5. Thank You

Wellcome is the owner of a business I used to work for companies in the salesman position.

Either work or earn a commission from sales. I know that your highest priority is to have more customers and more orders. Whatever you do.

But,  at this time, sales are getting more and more difficult. This is not the case. There are hundreds of thousands of people who buy the book.

This means that the number of people who have never purchased your product is greater than the number of people who bought your product or that of your competitors.

The problem is not that business owners don’t know how to do it. But they do not do the right way to sell. If you are one of those people then read on to find out why.

One is because business owners all come from professionals in their field. Like a barber named John, who cut his hair because he liked to do his hair, he opened a barbershop.

But not good at marketing and sales, so few people come to him for a haircut. The two are mostly because they are slow to update technology. As I know from Ben Oberg, the owner of an Instagram Marketing Agency.

More than half of business owners in the United States are 51 years old. At this age, psychology is officially in the middle of the middle age.

They became conservative, hard to keep up to date with the latest technological advances, and their minds were still in the 20th century.

With the old marketing system such as radio, TV, newspaper, distributing leaflets, posters, billboards at crowded places or electric boards in elevators. Of course, these forms still work.

But it is no longer 100% effective as before. Today’s customers like Generation Y or Gen Z are increasingly living in harmony with social networks. So if you keep advertising like this without reaching customers in front of them.

You are wasting money. And after that, they were also influenced by an era like long, heavy rain penetrating the earth.

But these entrepreneurs only make it as below. The easiest selling is the sale on Facebook’s largest social network. In the past, selling was very easy. Just post someone to comment or inbox to buy.

Facebook ads price is very cheap. But now the number of advertisers has increased. There are only 4-5 million advertisers compared to 2.3 billion users on facebook.

But: Facebook is the cornerstone of fake news and rumors. Plus business selling conscience. Kind of like a goat hanging a dog butcher hook.

Product delivery is not as in the picture. Sell ​​party clothes. Users get nightgowns. A toy camera instead of a real one, resulting in 30% of users not trusting the content on Facebook.

Along with the data scandal in 2018, it turned users into video social networks. The biggest one in the world is youtube.

Then there’s Instagram, Tiktok. And moving to e-commerce platforms like Amazon is growing, and research shows that when you watch videos.

The likelihood of you trusting that content is very high compared to posts with just text and images. experts called video with contextual advertising. The future of online advertising.

YouTube advertising is a big star, besides videos on Tiktok, Instagram and Linkedin. Today before I talk about how I can help you market and sell on YouTube with Youtube ads service for  your local businesses

Listen to my story about how I got to this job.

  1. How did I promote Youtube for furniture businesses from scratch?


I came to this job purely for introductions. close friends near my house.

As mentioned in the posts in this blog. I used to upload videos to Youtube to make money. So I only know SEO video. However, through a friend who used to do Youtube. A business owner.

Or rather, a village furniture seller asked me to do a Youtube ad for him in early 2019, and I didn’t know anything about youtube ads or google at the time. technical content. Just know that I naturally agreed at that time. Because I just failed the furniture business.

As well as having just quit his job at the end of 2018, he was also a client who hired me to design a website for his father’s company. I remembered the words of Mr. Richard Branson. One of the people I admire.

That: “If someone asks you to do something you don’t know how to do. Then you just take that opportunity and learn how to do it later ”. I have read this sentence in books, newspapers and photos and text on Instagram a lot.

That’s why I have the energy to do it. On the other hand, I think I am inherently capable of fast learning. An advantage of Vietnamese people. So this is not kI have been doing Youtube advertising ever since.

You can see his  Channel Youtube 

Because of such thinking, I rushed to study and did it. The first project was I worked for my cousin. Before I started working for that guy, I didn’t know anything so I consulted everyone. I spent VND 3.7 million (equivalent to 180 USD ) but could not get an order.


This mistake was presented in an article sharing experience on Youtube marketing. inevitable failure.

But in Vietnam, there are few places to teach how to advertise on Youtube. It was just a small module in the Google Ads advertising courses. So it was until the guy I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

I have been learning everywhere on the internet. And spend money studying advertising. But most of the time I learned to advertise Google. Thanks to those failures.

I had a little success when this business received 10-30 customer calls every day. To ask and buy the company’s wooden furniture, of course, we spent a lot of money on it.

The first is only 15 million / month equivalent to 700 USD. And now it is 60+ million VND / month, equivalent to about 3000 USD / month.

You can see this channel is here 

Why did we succeed?
Because I learned some lesson bellow

1.  About audience of  Youtube ads.

And read customer feedback and learn a lot. I know that our natural wood furniture industry primarily sells to middle-aged and aged customers aged 39-65 and older. Because the prices of the products are also high-end, these people also have Facebook accounts. The most popular social network in Vietnam, however, Facebook content is still mostly text. Now that their eyes were blurred, their hands were slow, so swiping the screen became a pain for them. An advertiser on Facebook, after collecting their opinions, told me that commenting has become a pain for them. Especially Vietnamese requires accents. If not, it will cause misunderstandings for readers.

  1. At the same time, the internet in Vietnam in the evening is very weak. The number of people who access and watch videos for entertainment is mainly from 18-23pm, this is the time when users rest and can watch videos on phones, tablets, and TV screens. intelligent.


That video on facebook is very blurry. So they turned to entertainment on YouTube and came across my ad.


  1. At the moment they are in need of new furniture for their room, and the habit of holding phones to make calls is still common in Vietnam.

So when customers see the video many times, they pick up the phone. However, in the first video, we did not insert the phone number. But there are still a lot of people calling to ask and buy goods. Mostly they buy from a distance through COD. Receiving new goods to pay.

I later consulted to make many other promotional videos with specific phone numbers inserted, so it is easier for customers to call. They do not need to read the title and description anymore.


There are many, many other factors that contribute to success. However, this is the most important thing that helps me to do youtube advertising for this business. After that, I went to build websites, advertise on Facebook.

But I realized that I should specialize in a better exam segment. It is better to be a master in one field in the long run than multitasking because of multitasking = lack of focus.

But lack of focus = lack of results. I want to deliver results to businesses that are my customers. So I put down other projects and opened my own video marketing agency, and I still do other Google ads related services, and now I write lines to introduce you to the service. Youtube ads for my local businesses.


    2. What does your business owner need?

of course, you need new customers. It is more difficult to get customers through YouTube than facebook because you have to do video.

It’s difficult to get more subscribers than likes on FB, but it’s worth it. Because your loyalty rate is very high. It is the source of high-quality organic traffic to your website. Of course, it will be the best when you do it naturally.

Provided that you produce videos regularly is SEO it up. This is not easy, requires a lot of time. Even if there are many tools to make videos faster and support SEO more effectively, reaching customers is not a fast thing.

There is a rule that I realize in the process of making Youtube is something that is fast and that is slow, so if you want to sell quickly, you will need to use advertising to sell or increase brand awareness. It’s like having an ampli.

(A tool DJs often use to tune music and play speakers). Meaning you have a big audio amplifier. Social networks are the amplifiers, and you pay for them to notify all users that you are selling this product or service.


If you have a habit of spending money on facebook ads, banner ads, solo ads, influencer. Also thinking of spending more money to make money. You can start with YouTube ads.

Of course, everyone knows that Google ads are often expensive. Not everyone knows about YouTube and its effectiveness. Although the company claims advertising on Youtube is 1.8 times more effective than other ad networks.

And of course, you only pay when users see up to 30 s of the ad. But there are still very few users, so YouTube supports $ 100 when you spend $ 25 on advertising on youtube.

Of course, only for 5 countries: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK.

So if you are a business owner in the above-mentioned countries you can get $ 100 dollars to advertise for free. This overall dollar you can reach up to 12500 users (at a cost of 0.01 USD / view).

Please contact me to let me guide how you get it. Whether you hire me to do YouTube ads for you or not, of course, you can learn and run Youtube ads by yourself.

Make your own video for sales if you want. But,  I know that most businesses in the US and in many countries.

The founders all started with experts. So if you want to focus on product development, direct the future of your business, Manage your work smoothly. Or just do a professional job.

Then you just need to learn the mindset of online marketing. Then find someone you can trust. Someone you like and want to work with. To choose the right person who can deliver results for you.


     3. Things that I can bring to you?


I still have a lot to learn, but I have experience running YouTube ads. For a certain business, it is selling home furniture.

So I absolutely can – help you increase sales through YouTube advertising. Increase brand awareness by increasing the number of signups on the page. to sell or collect mail.


The first one I did. The second one in Vietnam is not very popular. However, I can do it because, in the long run, it will be beneficial for you in the market of developed countries like the US and Canada.


Currently, I mainly work on furniture but my purpose is to help other local businesses in this clause. Especially dentists, doctors, gym owners, PT, Yoga studios and home services.

Your potential customers are on YouTube a lot. Also, I can provide other services such as creating videos, SEO videos to top YouTube and Google.

Create a funnel, copywriting on a website, create a funnel for you. Through the process of working, I have formed a mindset.

As well as having a roadmap for you to develop your Youtube channel. Along with landing map Google map to create a system that helps you achieve high efficiency in online business. My point is that if you market effectively.


Then the sale will be very self-latching customers. Your job is to answer questions and handle customer rejection only.

The guy I mentioned at the beginning of this article even closed the sale in just 15-20 seconds of the call. Because there are many customers trust already.




They just want to talk directly to confirm, connect with the salesperson. There are many, many, even real estate.

I can totally help you.


  1. How do we work together?

Let’s  Contact me at:




Click on the link and fill out your contact information.

I will contact you as soon as possible.

And hope will you increase sale with my Youtube ads service for  your local businesses


Talk to each other. I will make a video to send you on how to solve the problem of increasing sales for you.


  1. Thank You

Acknowledgments I sincerely thank you for reading this promotional article. It is important that you know the information. In order to make decisions that help your business prosper, you may not know it.


Video is gradually taking up 80% of traffic on the Internet. So whether you like it or not you need to step into this playground, first to attract and retain customers.


So you don’t just lose to your opponents, you also become the winner. The choice is up to you.