Should I sell furniture through a good website via Facebook?

Question: Hello guys. I own a business that provides interior decoration products and services. For families.
One thing I wondered about how to do. That is, I should start selling via facebook or on my website.
Should I sell furniture through a good website via Facebook?
Hello. My answer is the 3rd option.
 Different from the question you want.
I think you should sell through both platforms.
A rental platform,
borrow, the exchange needs Facebook, Instagram, youtube and a platform of their own. So you can stand on your feet.
Both platforms are equally important. Don’t depend on one party. you will fail.
Because now is the era of multi-channel sales. Customers with money, are high-income people now. They are knowledgeable about technology. They also moved a lot in real life and on the internet. There is no fixed place. They can view products on your website and then buy products or vice versa. Or they compare products in many places and then buy in a different place.
But: Social networks for business people like us are in fact a big commercial center. A modern market. Yet everything we have on it. It is everyone else’s. Just like if you rent land to build a house, you can claim land at any time. Without getting your property number on it.
But if you only focus on the website, it is not good because. You will lose more time and money.
Because currently, the cost to run Google ads is more expensive than Facebook. To do SEO, you need to invest time to learn.
Although the method changes like this. You need time to understand the basic concepts before going deeper.
Besides that the opponent also works on facebook, you can hardly start.
Thus you need to do the following:
That is building a multi-platform sales system.
Content marketing to reach customers in many stations. Also, provide things that can solve their problems from short to long term.
Focus on giving away to build strong relationships with customers to build trust.
But, you are a beginner. You can’t spend a lot of money. There is not much time and effort to do everything. So you will need to prioritize what to do first of what to do later.
In my opinion, you should sell your goods via Facebook first.
Because of :
You are more accessible to customers. There are billions of users. Surely someone will be suitable to be your customer.
You can find out the insight of the users more effectively
You are more likely to receive feedback from customers more effectively.
In general,
the trend is that customers are increasing lazy to give their own
reviews via a questionnaire. Especially when you have no credibility or benefit them.
So, it is very important to sell products via social networks,
to receive assessments and customer authentication.
Through their feedback. You can search for evidence of your company’s competence. At the same time, receive feedback to change the quality of products and services better for them.
 Doing this for a while. About 3 months you have positive reviews. Now, you can make a website and put customers’ reviews and comments on the website. I often get reviews on facebook for the website.
Of course, the reviews on the world’s largest social network. Also easy to be fake. But, if you pay more attention to an uncle, it will not affect your Fanpage at all.
Dear and dear customers you will leave a natural, voluntary review that you do not need to spend any effort on.
When the business has grown you can put facebook, google ads.
You will focus on making websites,
making content to increase quality points for the website.
From there you will get free traffic from Google via SEO copywriting jobs.
Or when you run Google Search Ads or youtube ads. The customer will stay on your page longer.
The ability to sell interior decoration contracts. High-priced items are natural.

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